Introducing Beyond the Pages

Introducing Beyond the Pages

March 11, 2018 0 Comments

Let's Go Explore

When people first see Let’s Go Explore, they naturally assume I’ve made a kid’s book.

Then, when I explain what the story means, people are surprised and say, “So it’s actually more a book for adults!” But to me it’s really for both. It’s for everyone, even if everyone gets something different from it. 

Let's Go Explore, a picture book for all ages

So What's It About?

Let’s Go Explore is a story about taking on the adventure and discovering all our lives could be. Besides being a pretty picture book, it’s something that I hope encourages explorers of all ages to take on their own journeys.

That’s why I want to share the meaning behind the story with Beyond the Pages. It's both a deeper dive into the pages, but also how the meaning goes beyond the book itself.

The Story As the Example

Let’s Go Explore is an example of its own message.

I distinctly remember a moment during my last job, when I was a project lead at a design agency. We were shooting a video for a client at my place, when my manager noticed my drawings that I kept at home. She asked me what I wanted to do with it. I half jokingly said, “it’s my dream to make a picture book!” But at the time, that seemed so ludicrous. My job had nothing to do with drawing. I felt so far away from this statement.

Two years after I left that job, I started drawing my first LGE panels. Even at that time, it was not clear what it would become.

I knew I wanted it to be a simple story that I shared on social. I actually have a lot more stories that are more complicated, but this one seemed like a “safe” one to start out with. 

A little-turned-big project

But this story went on to be my first Kickstarter, my first physical book, my launching pad for everything else.

Had I known what this would have become at the outset, I would have been much more intimidated to ever even start. 

I find that really interesting—because it seemed more manageable, I started with this one. Then this little-turned-big project became the impetus for even bigger goals, such as developing animations, creating better products and building a company.

Intimidating or inspiring? 

When you hear about it all at once it seems so quick, like 'Oh Mimi went from being a lawyer to having an illustration studio, of course!' Or maybe it’s more, 'What??? How??? Impossible!'

And I want to say, it’s really neither of those things. It’s little steps, day by day, and it keeps freakin going.

I have heard from a lot of people who want to find and follow their passion, but are stuck for whatever reason.

They’re not sure what their passion is, or they don’t know how to pursue their passion, or they’re too scared to really chase their dream. It’s crazy to think about how many of us pass through life without ever figuring out what brings us to life.

Beyond the Pages

I don’t have all the answers. I have a story, and I hope I can tell it in a way that is helpful for people to start thinking through the answers to some of these doubts and questions.

That’s what we’re hoping to share with this campaign, Beyond the Pages.

Beyond the Pages: Our free printable guide and Sprite collectibles

We’re going to share not just what the book means to us, but how it can be used for your own life’s story. And while there will be introspective journaling prompts, we’re also keeping it fun and light with side DIY craft ideas and super cute new shop items :)

Because when you love what you’re doing, even when it’s hard work it should be a ton of fun.

I hope you'll enjoy what we've put together, see you on Instagram and our newsletter!



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