LGE Companion | Free DIY Downloadables

As part of our special LGE series Beyond the Pages, we've created fun and easy printables to go with each theme in our story Let's Go Explore. Enjoy!

  • 8.5"x11" high-res JPGs
  • Part-coloring page, part-journal template

    About the LGE Companion

    Part-coloring page, part-prompted journal—use it think through each of LGE's stages and themes in the context of your own story. Check out our campaign guide for the weekly release schedule.

    How to Use


    1. Download the file and print on a regular 8.5x11" sheet of paper.

    2. Color and fill out as desired.

    3. Tip: You can fold it down the middle and put it in a journal, or cut in half and clip on top for a stack.


    1. Prefer to paint digitally? Download the file to your device. Open and color in a digital painting app (e.g. Procreate, Photoshop). 

    2. Tip: Put the file on a layer and set to "multiply." Lock the JPG layer. On a new layer beneath the JPG, color and fill out.

    New to LGE?

    Learn all about our first book Let's Go Explore ("LGE") and our special series Beyond The Pages, where we share the meaning of the story and characters.

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