Ao's Care Package

We're celebrating February by sharing one of our favorite things-- care packages! Whether for yourself or for a loved one, Ao's Care Package is the perfect treat to warm hearts and lift spirits.

  • Choose between two sizes:
    • Small$22 (items valued at over $45)
    • Large: $49 (items valued at over $100)
  • Personalize your color theme:
    • Sweet: Pink & fuschia packaging
    • Modern: Gold & white packaging
Each package is filled with individually wrapped treats and includes fun little notes, just like a real care package from a friend. We hand-pick your treats from a selection of items designed to cheer and inspire you. Each one is a little different, so it's a surprise!

    Extra Special Treats *Ends 2/19*: During our February Favorites promo, each box has a chance to receive exclusive items such as a handmade Ao amigurumi and prints of fan-favorites from our archives (some that have never been sold!). Every box will include at least one of these special items. This promo ends the week of February 19! 

    Learn all about Ao's Care Package below!

    How It Works

    Pick your care package size & color, we'll take care of the rest! 

    Small Care Package | $22

    Small Care Packages come packed with 3-5 items with a total value of over $45! Items will be selected from the following curated list:

    - Exclusive Mini Prints, incl. Donut Wisdom packs!

    - DIY Flag Bunting Kit

    - Positive Vibes Card

    - Sprite Enamel Pins

    - Sprite Wood Ornaments

    - Seasons Small Prints (full set)

    - Fun extras like Pocky sticks and Palomino pencils

    - A handmade Ao!

    Large Care Package | $49

    Large Care Packages come packed with 6-10 items with a total value of over $100! In addition to Small Package Items, we'll select from:

    - Exclusive Large Prints

    - Mimochai Ornaments (full set)

    - Favorite 8x10 Prints (Live in Wonder, Treescape, Let's Go Explore)

    - Mimochai Canvas Tote

    - Fun premium extras like our favorite Face Masks and Palomino Pencil 2-pack (both colors)

    - Much higher chance to receive a handmade Ao!

    Win an Ao!

    Randomly selected Large Care Packages will include an Ao amigurumi, handmade by us! Ao will sneak into a few lucky Small Care Packages too :) ALL orders are automatically entered to win a MEGA AO.

    Who is Ao?  Pronounced Ah-o, this is Emme and Hamstarcat's sweet and dedicated Pori. He is also HSC's unlikely best friend.

    Pori  are a cheerful species of sprites that love to help and take care of others. Their presence and energy just makes you smile and feel better. That's why it made perfect sense for this to be Ao's care package!

    Why Care Packages?

    (1) They're Fun! Snail mail still delivers a feeling that digital can't quite replicate. Care packages are fun to receive and fun to put together, a win-win for all!

    (2) They Really Help. We all go through hard and stressful times, or could use a pick-me-up. Getting a care package in the mail from home or from a friend really makes a difference in making you feel better.

    (3) They're For Everyone! February is associated with V Day (and Single Awareness Day), but we want to celebrate love that anyone can participate in. This is a way to show some love to anyone, anytime... including yourself. 

    Read our blog post for more backstory. We hope you like it!

    xx Mimosprites