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01 Starting

Under a Rock,
Up in a Tree,
Wind Through the Grass,
Roll in the Sea

On Getting Started

Let's Go Explore starts simple, but it also just jumps right in. No "once upon a time" or "two kids were thinking about going on an adventure." It just starts.

And that's how journeys can begin. If the Boy and Girl worry too much about where they'll end up, what scary things might happen along the way, they could very easily never get started. 

But these little moments—under a rock, up in a tree—anyone can stomach. And once we know that there are many of these little steps along the path, and that there is room to adjust and change, getting started becomes a lot less daunting.  So let's roll.

01 Starting | Download Printable

02 Growing

Over the Hill,
Turn One More Bend,
Remember a Thought,
From Way Back When

On The Next Step

The explorers are ready to climb the next hill, to see what's around that next bend.

There's a quick moment here where the Girl notices that her hand goes right through a cloud. She recalls being younger and thinking clouds were something soft and fluffy she could grasp onto. This realization doesn't upset her, but it takes a moment to process. 

It's not bad to realize things you used to believe were true are no longer.  Having an open mind allows us to accept we might have once been wrong, and keep growing. The Boy is already excited to see what's ahead.

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03 Falling

Pass Through the Clouds,
Fall Down a Stream,
Find a Small Piece,
Of Some Bigger Thing.

On Failing Forward

Things start to get a little more serious for the Girl and the Boy. They pass through the clouds to clearer skies, but then immediately find themselves falling down a rushing stream. A shaky bridge has crumbled beneath them.

When they finally hit land, the Boy finds a mysterious glowing leaf stuck in the girl's hair. After some investigation, they are lead to a giant tree with thousands of the same glowing leaves. A light emanates from the trunk, beckoning them to enter.

Sometimes the things that trip us up are the same things that give us clues to the next step.

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04 Discovering

Roam with the Giants
Walk through the Mist
Play in the Shadows
Fly off a Cliff

Turning Fears into Discoveries

The Girl and the Boy have entered the glow of the tree and find themselves in a strange new world. 

They roam amongst an environment that feels bigger-than-life. Precarious rocks and glowing lights lead the way. This mysterious dark place is filled with things that could be frightening, but the pair adapt and grow unafraid.

To Roam With the Giants is to believe you can have a place amongst the things you look up to. To Walk Through the Mist is to embrace the unknown head-on. To Play in the Shadows is to make fun out of the darkness. And to Fly Off A Cliff is the leap of faith to take us to the next stage.

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05 Wondering

Float by the Stars,
Let Go of the Plan,
Let Ourselves Wonder,
How It Began

On Letting Go

The Boy and the Girl find themselves floating in space. Did they enter another world? Or is it a dream? Perhaps it doesn't matter; either way, it's still real for them. 

Things are so new and alien at this point that they must let go of any "plan" they might have had. They couldn't have possibly expected to find themselves here when they first started out looking under a rock all those pages ago. 

And by letting go of the plan and embracing whatever happens next, they free themselves to think about the bigger picture. How did this mess begin? How did the end come to be? And how will the new beginning start?

05 Wondering | Printable Download

06 Learning

Wake Up to See,
We're Stranded in Gold,
Learn to Be Lost,
To Find Our Way Home

On Being Lost

The Boy and the Girl wake up in a daze. They're surrounded by golden flowers but don't know where they are. This is the first the pair decide they need to separate, to forge their own paths. Eventually they come back to each other, at home.

It might sound paradoxical, to be stranded in a field of gold. Doesn't that sound... nice? But perhaps the Boy and Girl have found, by having so many gold shiny things, they are stranded from what is truly important. 

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07 Seeing

Back at the Start
See With New Eyes
Know What It Means
For the First Time

On How to See

The Girl and the Boy find themselves back at the start, literally and figuratively. After all they're journeying, they've arrived where they began. Should they have ever left?

Yes. Everything is the same, yet everything is different. Sometimes that's what it takes—being away, losing what you have, seeing another perspective, trying something different—to be able to truly see what you have and what means most to you. In that way, the Girl and Boy are back at the start of a new beginning.

07 Seeing | Printable Download

The End, And Beginning

Hope you enjoyed our exploration of the LGE stages and themes

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