Let's Go

Our first book Let's Go Explore will be available in April! 

To celebrate, we're sharing an interactive series called 'Beyond the Pages.'  
Learn more below and join in March 12th - May 4th!

BEYOND the Pages

How it Works

Week by week, we'll be exploring the themes of the book in sections.
There will also be free DIY downloadables and special sprite gift with purchase!

01. Share the Meaning

Roam with the Giants... Walk Through the Mist...

Let's Go Explore can be seen as having seven themes or stages: Starting, Growing, Falling, Discovering, Wondering, Learning, Seeing.  

Every week we'll be exploring the themes one by one via Instagram & blog posts. Follow along and find your own interpretations. Read the latest post here or click below to view all.

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02. Get the Activity

We've created free fun and easy DIY downloadables to go with each week's theme. 

Part-coloring page, part-prompted journal, use these printables to think through each week's theme in the context of your own story. 

They're free to download during the campaign only! 

Free Download here

03. Collect the Sprite

Each theme is represented by a guardian Sprite. We've created special 2-in-1 collectible cards for each one. 

During Beyond the Pages, we're doing a special gift with purchase that changes every week to feature the Sprite of the Week.

Spend $35+ in the Mimoshop and get the Sprite of the Week for free!

For promo code & full details:

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Go on Your Own Journey

Follow Along

Check back for each week's content
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Get the Book

New to the story? You can get the ebook for free with a pre-order of the book. Available for immediate download so you can catch up! 

Learn all about our first story in the link below.

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Meet the LGE Characters

What are the sprites?

Who are the Boy and Girl?

Learn about each character's personalities and traits as we share what their role in the LGE world actually is. The answers may surprise you.

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Every week we're sharing a new blog post, a free download, and a limited-time gift with purchase.

Refer to our handy poster guide so you don't miss out on the sprite you want! You can also download and print it out as a mini coloring poster :)

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