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Let's Go Explore

Let's Go Explore is our first story!

Learn about the story and watch the animation below. You can also pick up the book in the Mimoshop.

We have more stories in the works :)

The Story

Let's Go Explore is a storybook that follows a pair of explorers as they navigate through the stages of their journeys. It encourages explorers of any age to discover the little joys and appreciate the great adventures in their own lives.

How it began

Let's Go Explore started off as posts on Instagram. I shared each page one by one, and allowed the story to be guided by the comments and interactions from followers. It was really fun!

Read the Book

You can read the book several ways: 

- Buying a hardcopy here

- Downloading a digital copy here

- Watching the animation—for free!—below :)



Explore More

Story Themes

In the story, the Girl and the Boy can be seen as traveling through seven themes: Starting, Growing, Falling, Discovering, Wondering, Learning, Seeing. 

We're sharing the meaning behind the story and our interpretation of these stages. For each theme we have made a free coloring & journal printable :)

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The Characters

What are the sprites?

Who are the Boy and Girl?

Learn about each character's personalities and traits as we share what their role in the LGE world actually is. Collect your favorites for some good luck on your own journey :)

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About Our Kickstarter

We shared our story through an interactive project (see the original blog posts here and here), and the book was brought to life by our supporters. We're proud of what we've made together. Visit our archived Kickstarter page to learn more about the original project.

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